Happy Holiday season

Christmas Nutritious Guide

Heading into the holidays, so many of you ask me the same question: Is it OK to cheat on my diet?  

I know it’s been a tough year, so you’ll be happy to know that I’m not here to tell you to avoid all your favorite holiday treats. These are my top healthy holiday tips to make it through any occasion without totally sabotage your diet:

#1. If you’re starving an hour before dinner, have a snack!                                               A scoop of almond butter or a few chestnuts or olives will prevent you from feeling starved. That way, you can eat in moderation and be more mindful about what you consume. Also, make sure you’re drinking at least eight 8 glasses of water a day. If you do feel hungry or have a craving, try drinking some water first to see if that does the trick.  

#2. Reach for the veggies first.                                                                                                       Fill at least half of your plate with veggies, they add bulk in your stomach, that can help you get your satiety signal sooner before you regret overeating. If you don’t think there will be a healthy veggie side dish where you’re headed for the holidays, volunteer to bring one. This will help you feel more satiated and cut down on your cravings for the other less healthy stuff.

#3. Load up on protein.                                                                                                                Protein helps to balance your blood sugar and ease cravings, so you won’t be tempted to double down on dessert.

#4. Choose a carb.                                                                                                                               Instead of going wild on every carb-heavy dish at the table, pick your favorite. This strategy will help you keep from overdoing it on carbs and ensure that you’re truly enjoying what you do choose. Carbs are the most addictive and the least satiating macronutrient. 

#5. Fiber.                                                                                                                                                If you are going to eat sugar, don’t forget to also eat fiber. Fiber helps slow down the digestion and assimilation of glucose, which means it subdues sugar’s negative effects on your body. As an added bonus, fiber will also help keep your digestion regular, support the production of health-promoting microbiome metabolites, and prevent constipation. Start your meal with a high-fiber food, like salad greens, raw carrots, seeds, and avocado. Or, add a fiber supplement to your daily routine.  

#6. Aperitif.                                                                                                                                             Filling up on h’or d’oeuvres. Try one of each and don’t go for seconds before the main meal. That way you save your appetite for the healthier, more nutritious options. 

#7. Drinking.                                                                                                                               Alcohol is a major source of hidden calories — particularly sugar When you drink too much, you’re spiking your blood sugar and overloading your body with toxins. Drink it in moderation and choose the lowest-sugar alcoholic drinks, like dry red wine, tequila or vodka mixed with sparkling water, ice, and lemon or lime. Remember if you do overindulge in alcoholic drinks, drink plenty of water as rehydration is key to help reduce the effects of a hangover.

_ Pick a few key indulgences that you really love, and then enjoy those fully and let go of any guilt.  Remember to eat slow and savor every bite.

A big mistake I see is that people let holiday indulgences last all season, leaving them tired, foggy, bloated, and irritable. The best healthy holiday tip I can give is to clean up the damage from the holidays by doing a weeklong detoxification where you cut out alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods.

Happy, Healthy, Nutritious Holidays Season !