Healthy and Nutritional Cooking Classes

I am passionate about natural cooking and healthy living, with a focus on creating tasty and nutritious dishes for the whole family.  It’s about keeping things simple and delicious so you don’t feel bored or deprived.  In these fun and intimate workshops, I will demonstrate the preparation of healthy, quick, and tasty meals while providing practical tips and nutritional information. Alternatives for vegetarians and vegans will be discussed. You will sample each dish following the demonstration. Classes are two hours long and cover at least four recipes to inspire and help you to stay healthy and feel amazing every day.

The number of participants is limited to five people to provide a more personalised experience. The events are on a first come, first served basis so be sure to book in advance. Refreshments will be provided.


 The cooking class are limited to 5 people, so you will get a confirmation if you are booked in.

Private tutorials at your kitchen are also available on request in Portuguese, English, or French.

Each event is $45 person

 Organise a private event with 3 of your friends for $150.



“Let your food be your medicine, and your only medicine be your food.”
Hippocrates: 460 – 360 BC
workshop Glaudia Galate

Natural Detox

Restore your body from inside out

Saturday 23rd of  November  2019
Glaudia’s Natural Kitchen

Hormone Balance

Eating foods to heal your body

Friday 06th of December 2019
12:00 -14:00
Glaudia’s Natural Kitchen
chia puuding

Healthy Snacks

Easy ideas for your everyday snack

 Saturday 14th of December 2019
Glaudia’s Natural Kitchen

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